EDU 522: Digital Teaching and Learning Too

Summer Bootcamp 2020

J. Gregory McVerry

Module Two: Community of Inquiry

"Green House Effect Experiment Grade 5B" by Lindy Buckley is licensed under CC BY

An educational community of inquiry is a group of individuals who collaboratively engage in purposeful critical discourse and reflection to construct personal meaning and confirm mutual understanding.

The Community of Inquiry theoretical framework represents a process of creating a deep and meaningful (collaborative-constructivist) learning experience through the development of three interdependent elements – social, cognitive and teaching presence.

Social presence is “the ability of participants to identify with the community (e.g., course of study), communicate purposefully in a trusting environment, and develop inter-personal relationships by way of projecting their individual personalities.” (Garrison, 2009)

Teaching Presence is the design, facilitation, and direction of cognitive and social processes for the purpose of realizing personally meaningful and educationally worthwhile learning outcomes (Anderson, Rourke, Garrison, & Archer, 2001).

Cognitive Presence is the extent to which learners are able to construct and confirm meaning through sustained reflection and discourse (Garrison, Anderson, & Archer, 2001).

The Readings

Community of Inquiry

Greg McVerry . Community of Inquiry. Instructional Design Video Series Check It Out!

Why Students Should Blog in Public

Laura Gogia . Why Students Should Blog in Public. Messy Thinking Check It Out!

It's Complicated: Ch 1 & 2

danah boyd . its complicated: the social network lives of teens. Yale New Haven Press New Haven.

Community Inquity Model

Garrison, D. R., Anderson, T., & Archer, W . Critical inquiry in a text-based environment: Computer conferencing in higher educationmodel. The Internet and Higher Education, 2(2-3), 87-105. Read Now

The Tasks


Complete the readings.

As you read think about the three elements of Community of Inquiry. Maybe make a three column chart, record important notes or tips

Share these notes...Hint figure out some way to annotate. or Sketch notes those are cool...or note notes, we like those two. Just read with a purpose, and choose some external storage device


Post on Your Blog or Journal: Choose One

  • Describe how you plan to use the COI model
  • Reflect on a time eleemnts of COI went well or bad in a classroom
  • Write a short story about COI going well or bad in a fictional class

Post on Your Blog or Journal: Anything you want...If you like prompts choose one:

  • How do you feel when someone pushes you to do your best?
  • Who is your favorite musician of all time? What is it about the sound?
  • What do you need in life to be truluy happy


Community of Inquiry

Create a poster, video, or website (no powerpoints...sick of them..unless you do something cool like a choose your own adventure or jeapordy game) about COI for the colleagues you work with. Identify pedogical techniques teachers can use in their classrooms.


  • Explore the tension between privacy and open
  • Explore the connection between open and privacy


  • Images and Metaphors
  • Blog Posts
  • Notes