EDU 522: Digital Teaching and Learning Too

Summer Bootcamp 2020

J. Gregory McVerry

Module One: Who Am I?

My abysses flickr photo by . Nevery Lorakeet *LpD* . shared under a Creative Commons (BY-NC-ND) license

When you think you do you think teacher? father? mother? sister? Trauma? History? or People? In this module share a bit about yourself with the class by simply telling the story of your perfect imagined future when teaching with technology.

The Readings

ReThink Education

Gardner Campbell . No Digital Facelifts: Thinking the Unthinkable About Open Educational Experiences. UBC YouTube

How Do I Blog?

jgmac1106 . Blogging Basics. Journal Title, volume, number, Dr. Mac's YouTube Channel

Why Your Domain Matters

Doug Belshaw . Digital Literacy, Identity and a Domain of One’s Own. DML Central DML Central

How Do We Learn?

Ryan Boren . I’m Autistic. Here’s what I’d like you to know.. Blog Post

How Do We Read?

Marco Zehe . About. Blog Post

The Tasks


Complete the readings.

Find tweetable quotes and share them. Hint...use the quote post-kind


Post on Your Blog

Think the unthinkable. Share your version for the future of digital teaching and Learning.

Anything you like. If you like prompts:

  • You got sucked into a video game what happens?
  • Who are the four people dead or alive you invite to dinner
  • Do you work on creative projects with friends outside of school? How do you learn together?


Share Your Subjectives

Using unplugged technology create an image, infographic, video, collage, clay scuplture, etc of your goals for this class share from your blog.


  • Make something that describes your goals for the class.
  • Get your tech working
  • Post a free choice entry


  • 2 blogs Posted blog
  • A picture or video of artifact describing subjectives for the class