EDU 522: Digital Teaching and Learning Too

Summer Bootcamp 2020

J. Gregory McVerry

Discusssions drive learning but so many zoom rooms zombify and allow kids to hide.

How can we utilize different discussion techniques to keep students involved regardless of technological access?

The Readings

Getting Started With Discussions

Asking Questions About Texts

Assessing Your Discussion Boards

The Tasks


Complete the readings.

Take t-chart notes, on one side capture the main idea, and on the other side add a reflection from either a pro or negative perspective to remote learning


Post on Your Blog

What can we do to recenter online discussions in the voices of our students?

Free choice, if you like a prompt:

  • What makes you angry, why?
  • Why is argumentation considered the highest form of discourse


Lead a Discussion

Choose a short reading or video about your portfolio project. Lead a discussion

Write Feedback

Create your rubric or checklist for effective discussions Given a sample of student discussion post write feedback to three students using the Claim, Connect, Action approach.


  • Describe effective
  • Create effective feedback loops
  • Facilitate an active discussion
  • Craft Text Dependant Questions


  • Feedback left for each other
  • Blog Posts comparing or critquing assessment strategy
  • Reflections on personal growth